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My photography philosophy is we need to have fun! When we're running around the Mid-Michigan countryside, my goal is to get stunning photography with your genuine emotion and have some laughs along the way. While you pose, I'll be somewhere on the ground or hanging off a ledge or railing above you to get the good angles.

Photography has taken up fourteen years of my life. My first three years were spent as a staff member then editor-in-chief of the Brecksonian yearbook at Breckenridge High School. In the next seven, I started off as a photographer's assistant for D.S. Events (formerly Dick's Studio of Ithaca) where I submitted school and sports portrait orders. Then, a staff photographer for school, sports, and events while I completed my Bachelor's of Science in Journalism at Central Michigan University. Now, I've broken out on my own as a portrait, product and sports photographer while partnering up with Susan Jane Photography for all of my wedding work.

If you like what you see, contact me if you want to go explore a mysterious or unique place. I'm happy to partner up with other interested photographers and expand into more sports or fashion. Hopefully, this is an opportunity for us to have some laughs and capture some magic!


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