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Behind the Camera with Boy: Mistah and Missus B.

My favorite element of composition has to be color. If you've followed enough of my work, you'd know I'm most content with vibrant color that makes you stop and stare, but is still true to my vision in the moment. Color is a throughline you can hold on to while walking through the bride and groom's day, representative of how much deeper we can go into who they are.

Dylan and Leann were no exception to how I try to develop the couples I've been fortunate enough to accompany over time. It's my pleasure to help capture who they were before walking into their ceremony, the quiet contemplation of those people most important to them, and the joy between parents and children. I caught onto their green and pink motifs in their shared experience.

He is her Mistah J and she is his queen and "god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen." Dylan and Leann's story is composed of volumes filled with happy days and nights. The wave of emotion that washed over his face when he first saw his bride-to-be spoke louder than words and inspires vivid flashbacks and is the precursor to a happy future.

Together they have a spark that elicits joy in the two of them. Their love of gaming is weaved over the years with their loved ones and their community. Being each other's king and queen shows a whimsy that makes me as a neutral bystander smile from the inside out. After the newlyweds dismissed each guest, they were celebrated with a flurry of bubbles, amplified by the golden autumn day. Their green and pink took form of their families blended at an atomic level and then the sweet showstopper adorned with Funko! stars of the show.

Their wedding day was a balance of sentiment, but also gave me a familiar comfort like weddings I went to in the area when I was a kid. I was hit by nostalgia for the events I'd been to celebrating couples I know are still married today. I have high hopes for this pair, but watching them slow dance to "Lover" by Taylor Swift, I'm sure they will be much better off than The Joker and Harley Quinn.

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